Get it, Stream it

The companies public data in
real time
directly in your apps

They trust us

One unique source, millions of data

Access corporate public informations in real time…

… and stream it in your apps


Mobile Apps

Digital signage


AI / Data analysis

Connected objects / IoT

Huge benefits for your organization

Reduce your technical costs

Accelerate your developments

Focus on your innovation

Boost your SEO

Value your users’ experience

Get more efficient

A drastic IT cost killing

Use our RESTful APIs and real-time streaming technologies to quickly and easily integrate our content

Installation : It only takes a few minutes to start extracting data from Olifid servers.

Development : it is infinitely simpler and faster to create a script that dialogs with an API than to create complex scripts to analyze directories and analyze XML files from different sources.

Configuration & Security : No need to install or configure a specific server for configuration or authorization management, which is often time-consuming.

Reliability : no more FTP downtime stress! If your servers are unavailable for a few moments, you can resume collecting when you want!

Migration : in the event of a system change, no new server configuration is required to continue to receive our flows.

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